Click & Collect of Screen Services

How it works:

                    Kiwi Print Studio offers silk screen exposure for paper and textile printing.  

  • Email your design to, please ensure your design is to size, black and white and saved as a jpeg or pdf.
  • If your design requires editing we will email you back a quote.
  • Please provide your own screens. You can either have your screens delivered directly to the studio or personally drop your screens off. Please not due to Covid 19 we require all visitors to wear a face covering and drop screens off to our safe designated area. More details will be provided via email upon delivery or collection. 
  • We will not clean, coat or expose a damaged screen/mesh.
  • If your screens require a design to be removed we charge £10.00 per screen (please note additional costs may occur if your screens are blocked or the mesh needs deep cleaning) we will provide a quote once we see your screen.
  • Your screen will be ready a week from the date we receive your design and screen. 

Our exposure rates are as follows:
A4 Exposure £12.50
A3 Exposure £24.00
A2 Exposure £36.50
A1 Exposure £49.00

Designs are printed onto clear acetate ready for exposure, acetate is durable and can be used multiple times.

Acetate is £2.00 per A4 sheet

Editing fee: £25.00 per hour

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