Open Access

Open access

At Kiwi we have a fantastic, fully equipped printmaking studio which runs a busy programme of workshops. We have now set aside studio access days for our seasoned printmakers. During studio access days, a maximum of 4 participants will be able to work on self-directed projects.

Enjoy printmaking at your own pace, safe with the knowledge that an experienced printmaker is there to support your creative process!

Open Access facilities include:

Screen printing facilities for stencil and photographic screen printing, such as; 

  • Silk screens of various sizes
  • Squeegees of various sizes
  • Exposure unit
  • Hindge clamps and backboards for registration printing
  • Padded backboards for fabric printing
  • Drying rack and washing out trough
Printing facilities for both relief and intaglio processes include:
  • 2 presses
  • Aluminium plates
  • Etching tools
  • Rollers
  • Soaking trough for paper
  • Palette knives
  • Scrim / rags
  • Etching solutions for aquatint

The Open access sessions are designed for those who have taken one of our evening courses, or for those with enough experience to work independently. If you are unable to work confidently and  independently in the studio, we can suggest some workshops or courses that could be suitable to build up your proficiency. 

Before you are able to use the studio, each person must complete an induction (bookings essential) when booking an induction session - if you have not attended one of our courses please email Kiwi a copy of your CV or Portfolio of recent printed work to demonstrate your proficiency and ability to work independently in a studio environment.

The induction will take you through the studios equipment and health and safety, even if you have been to the studio or attended a course at Kiwi you will still need to complete an induction.


£10per hour min or 3 hours morning or afternoon booking (materials, screen exposing and editing is not included)      
£60 / 7 hour slot, 10:00am - 5:00pm (materials, screen exposing and editing is not included)       

Technical support: Please note we are happy to provide you with technical support which includes setting up the equipment you require to carry out the process. This does not include teaching as you are required to work independently during open access. If you require a refresh on any skills or techniques we offer one-to-one tuition. This is taught by Dena who has a wealth of Printmaking experience. For more details please contact the studio.

To book your induction and first session please email us at

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