Monday, 15 October 2012

Sarah Halpin Screen printing her Cards in the studio

Beautiful Christmas Cards Hand-made & designed by Sarah Halpin. 

Not only does Kiwi print studio offer a wonderful range of printmaking facilities, Dena herself makes the environment of the studio a great place to work. I already had some knowledge with the process of printmaking, and it was great to be left to get on with it as I pleased. However any uncertainties/questions I had, Dena was there to offer her help in the most supportive way. The freedom of open access, and the workshops the studio offers, makes it a great place for beginners and also people like myself, who know (sort of) what they're doing. I have recently purchased my own screens, (with many thanks to Dena for her help and background knowledge) so the studios exposing facility is an added bonus!

Thankyou very much indeed.

Sarah Halpin